Stacy Stiles

Light Novel Editor, J-E Translator, and LQA


Hi! I’m Stacy and I’m a freelance Japanese-to-English Translator, Editor of light novels, manga, and indie fiction, and Game LQA. I’ve been studying the Japanese language and Japanese literature since early 2015. I fell in love with the language while in the middle of earning my English and Creative Writing degree at George Mason University, and I haven’t looked back since.I took my first professional job in early 2019 translating and typesetting manga for Amimaru. At the moment, I'm serving as a Light Novel Editor for J-Novel Club and Hanashi Media, a Japanese-to-English Translator and LQA for AllCorrect Games, and a Manga Proofreader/LQA and Japanese-to-English Translator for Manga Planet. I also work directly with clients looking to self-publish their own work and occasionally contribute articles and reviews to news websites, primarily on the subject of visual novels.As of March 2023, I am accepting additional freelance work! I’m particularly interested in fiction editing, but I'd also love more LQA projects for games and visual novels!


If you’re interested in having me
work on a project, feel free to contact me via
my work email, [email protected],
or to message me @AshesintoFlame on Twitter.
My Translation Portfolio is available upon request.


Light Novel Projects -
Line Editing

Seventh by Yomu Mishima

I'm Not the Hero! by Usber

Other Titles

Light Novel Projects -
Copy Editing

Manga LQA/Proofreading Projects

Game Translation Projects

Game LQA Projects

Atomic Heart -
Open World FPS for PC

Atomic Heart: Annhilation
Instinct DLC -
Open World FPS for PC

Atomic Heart:
Trapped in Limbo DLC -
Open World FPS for PC

One Punch Man: World
JRPG for Mobile and PC

The Eminence in Shadow
- Master of Garden
JRPG for mobile and pc

Mahokenshi -
Deck Builder/TBS For PC

Zoeti -
Card-Based TRPG for PC and Switch

ASTREA - Six-Sided Oracles
Card-Based TRPG for PC and Switch


Reviews and Thinkpieces by me

Visual Novel Researcher from
Leipzig University Publishes Thesis
on Character Intimacy in Games

Demo Review: Deep in the Forest
— A Medieval, Potion-Making BL

Review: Yukar from the Abyss
— A Romantic Dive into Ainu Myth