Stacy Stiles

Light Novel Editor, J-E Translator, and LQA


Hi! I’m Stacy and I’m a freelance Japanese to English Translator; Editor of light novels, manga, and indie fiction; and Game LQA. I’ve been studying the Japanese language and Japanese literature since early 2015. I fell in love with the language while in the middle of earning my English and Creative Writing degree at George Mason University, and I haven’t looked back since.I took my first professional job in early 2019 translating and typesetting manga for Amimaru. At the moment, I'm serving as a Light Novel Editor for J-Novel Club, a Japanese to English Translator and LQA for AllCorrect Games, and a Manga Proofreader/LQA and Japanese to English Translator for Manga Planet. I also occasionally contribute articles and reviews to news websites, primarily on the subject of visual novels.As of November 2023, I am accepting additional freelance work! I’m particularly interested in picking up J-E translation work, specifically in the manga space, but games, light novels, and visual novel projects are welcome as well!


If you’re interested in having me
work on a project, feel free to contact me via
my work email, [email protected],
or to message me @AshesintoFlame on Twitter.
My Translation Portfolio is available upon request.


Light Novel Editing Projects

Seventh by Yomu Mishima

I'm Not the Hero! by Usber

Other Titles

Manga LQA/Proofreading Projects

Game Translation Projects

Game LQA Projects

Atomic Heart -
Open World FPS for PC

Atomic Heart: Annhilation
Instinct DLC -
Open World FPS for PC

The Eminence in Shadow
- Master of Garden
JRPG for mobile and pc

Mahokenshi -
Deck Builder/TBS For PC

Zoeti -
Card-Based TRPG for PC and Switch

ASTREA - Six-Sided Oracles
Card-Based TRPG for PC and Switch

JRPG for Mobile and PC


Reviews and Thinkpieces by me

Visual Novel Researcher from
Leipzig University Publishes Thesis
on Character Intimacy in Games

Demo Review: Deep in the Forest
— A Medieval, Potion-Making BL

Review: Yukar from the Abyss
— A Romantic Dive into Ainu Myth